Increase Traffic to your Website Economically

Promoting your website Free is possible and can be easily done without spending a cent. Creativeness and Patience are the two factors required to lead traffic to your website. There is absolutely no need to spend a lot of money.

A website needs to be promoted and attract visitors to be fruitful and to give you more profit. With continuous and increased traffic high profitability can be achieved. Below are some helpful ideas on how traffic to your online page can be increased effectively.

There are some sites, where anybody can submit written works. If you love to write, you can write about anything you like about any interesting subject. However, make sure that the article is original and written by you. There is no harm in taking the idea or facts but should not be copycats. Plus they have to be accurate, useful and related to your main website. On the about-the-author portion, put in a link going to your business page. Indicate that there’s more stuff to see there about the submitted article.  For Eg: IBOTOOLBOX. You can publish your articles under ‘News Letter’ and there is provision to include your URL as well. For publishing you

Go to sites with \forums and discussion boards. Find subjects interested to you and related to your products or services. Submit your suggestions or comments to a thread or start your own thread. Remember to insert your links /URL wherever possible. Try to participate in the discussions actively. Do insert links toward your business site to promote it. Your comments should be valid and valued and should look like you are a professional. Note, don’t give importance to yourselves, but to your products and services. 

Creating your own blog site or blog will also help.  Pick topics up to write about that are both useful and got something in common with your business. Those who are interested in reading further will check your site. 

Also, you can write reviews about other sites and of your own. For example, you can see on my site tourwaysintl, an advertisement on FreeAdvertisingforyou where I invited to check the review in LeadsLeap about the site. The guest will click on the review which will take him to LeadsLeap and if he finds it good he will click on FreeAdvertising4 you. If not, he may explore more in LeadsLeap and join under me as well.

Joining in the different Social Media sites is a good idea. Add maximum friends or followers. Make sure you are active by posting variety news, snippets, videos etc and also adding your site URL whenever there is an opportunity opens up.. Visit other people’s posts and place comments that are related to them.