Walking to a travel agent is almost done with now. There were many freelancers who made a living by selling Air Tickets, Hotels and Travel Packages and they earn a decent commission from their principal Travel Agent and also tips from a satisfied customer. Those are things of the past. With the spreading of the Internet and its vast utilities, almost all Travel Agents and Booking System like Amadeus are now online and people have direct access to them. With the emergence of Booking Portals, the scope of wide participation has increased. In this scenario, we need to look how we can work in the Tourism Industry as an Affiliate and how an affiliate can generate revenue.

It is established now that the Travel Affiliate market has an extremely favorable climate not only for Branded sites but for newcomers and small timers.


The competition in google local markets is less aggressive except in US. Hence, promoting a Travel Portal, as an affiliate, in the local market is easy and result oriented. It is not necessary that everybody knows English to search in google or in a major Travel portal. If your promotion is in a local market and in their language it can be monetized faster. They don’t need a lot of links.

It is proved that sites with better quality contents perform better than large sites. The CTR in Adwords across all industries is 1.91% whereas in display network it is only 0.35%. It means users don’t want to click on banners.


A banner display or a full page advertisement will not attract many unless they find what they are looking for. Problem with banner advertisement is that they are ‘general’ and the user has to search further many pages to find what he wants.

Creating high-quality content is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. The content can be on top destinations, cheap and affordable places, golden beaches, nature oriented travel etc. The reader will be tend to click on a link which is placed within a piece of content that they find useful.


In WordPress when you add a page there is a provision to add reader comments or reviews. It will give you an opportunity to establish a contact with the readers. It will help the readers to solve a problem or fulfill a need they are looking for. I know one blog writer on travel who answers even trivial questions on Tuscan Area whether food, accommodation, trekking, transportation even train timings.


You need up update your site every now and then on regular intervals. Each time your user visits your site there should be something to attract him to stay at your site. According to web researchers to get 2000 visitors in a month requires 15 posts a month. You can even publish travel guides about a particular destination which should not similar found in other websites on similar nature or destination. There should be a difference and informative too. There are many other techniques to be a successful travel affiliate. You can read more in our site Tourwaysintl. Free e-books, Economical Accommodation, Air Ticket bookings, Offers and discount certificates are available.

Note: You don’t need abundant visitors to your site for a successful business. Motivate your visitors to return; give something good to chew.